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Helping the
Homeless, Orphans & Refugees

Modern Foodbank Project - Monthly essential goods package delivered to those in need


100/100 Homeless Project - To collect and purchase a range of necessities throughout the festive period in December 2022 and distribute these packs to the homeless in January 2023 ⭐️


Refugee Crisis Project - Regularly visiting refugee camps across Europe and providing assistance in any way that we can. Most recently visited Calais in March and November 2022 ⭐️

Orphan Sponsorship Programme - Challenging but social fundraisers aimed at sponsoring as many orphans as possible across the world ⭐️

Delivery Service

100/100 Homeless Project

Statistically December is the most joyful and giving month of the year. However it is closely followed by January, the most depressing month of the year. The weather, the come down from the festive period and poor finances are but a few factors that affect us. Now take a moment to think of those living on the streets. Of those that don’t have family with them.


To help spread the festive joy, we are proud to announce the return of the United Relief 100/100 Homeless Project. The aim: To collect and purchase a range of necessities throughout the festive period in December and distribute these packs to the homeless in January.


There are multiple ways you can get involved - 


1. You can donate to our JustGiving page. Any amount is appreciated! We will use these funds to purchase the items and create the packs for distribution. 


2. Instead of donating you can buy the items from our list yourself #christmassale. You can then drop them off to one of our many drop off points and we will include these items in the packs for distribution. 


3. You can get involved in our #JumperAndBlanket collection. We are aiming to collect as many pre-loved (but in good condition) jumpers and blankets as possible and include them in our distribution packs. You can also drop these off at one of our many drop off points.


4. You can get involved in the distribution of the packs. Come on, we can’t do it alone!

Refugee Crisis Project

This project involves visiting refugee camps in Europe and providing assistance with what is required at the time. This is an eye-opening experience giving volunteers the opportunity to directly help those in need.


Most recently we visited Calais in March, helping 200+ amount of refugees by providing them with water, hot drinks, hair cuts, games, sewing, bike repairs, food distributions, clothes distributions and company!

Next trip is currently planned for November 2023.

Register your interest by clicking the 'get involved' button below!

High Fives
Rock Climber

Orphan Sponsorship Programme

Challenge yourself! Do something you wouldn't do!

Join the United Relief team as we host challenging, fun and socialable fundraisers with the sole purpose of sponsoring as many orphans as possible.

May 2022 we took part in a Tough Mudder race! With a target of £5,000, we ended up raising a total of £6,543!

Through this project United Relief sponsored 13 Orphans in Iraq and Yemen.


To sign up for this project or any future events, please click 'get involved' below and fill in the volunteer application form.

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